What is 4th Trimester Care?

What is 4th Trimester Care? -

4th Trimester Care Plan

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The 4th Trimester can be referred to ANY time after having a baby. Why let your care end after having a baby? Why let your body be placed on the back burner or take the emotional and physical changes on your own for months, years or decades?

Most people do not think about how actually having a baby can change you.

It can change you:

  • mentally
  • physically
  • spiritually

In fact, having a baby is rarely referred to as an incident or an event these days, but it should. That sweet little baby pushes literally everything out of its way, in order to grow into the beautiful face you see today. We should take time to care for the mama AND baby AFTER delivery. The body needs to restore its core and address the mental and emotional component. This period of time is stressful ladies and we need to care for ourselves too.

At Centered Physical Therapy we focus on restoring your core and implementing self-care advice in order to allow you to return to a balance and allow you to become the best mother you can be.

A Little about the Author

I have modified my treatment approach as a Physical Therapist in order to incorporate the“whole picture,”  help with true healing. On a personal note, I have always been active with workouts, exercise and outdoor activities with family and friends. But it was a difficult time for me to manage some of the hormonal changes and physical changes I experienced when pregnant, but especially after baby and returning to work. I definitely learned a lot about my body and the importance of physical, emotional and social support through the entire pregnancy process, but more importantly AFTER.

In my practice I chose to utilize the Postural Restoration Approach in order to modify and reposition the body’s posture. This approach takes practice and dedication, but slowly your body too can change. I myself have utilized this technique, I was no longer having any incontinence, had no lower back pain and was able to self correct my upper back and neck pain with a few exercises.

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Did you know….

  • Did you know that other countries require mothers to attend Physical Therapy after delivering a baby?
  • Yes – after their 6-week check up with their doctor or midwife, they receive a prescription to continue their care with a Physical Therapist.

Where do we start?

  • Restoring the core means assisting the body back into alignment
  • Get moving – SAFELY
  • It’s never too late to make a change

The movement recommendations

Creating a personalized program around your unique needs will allow you to maximize your recovery and improve the true balance your body needs to carry on with your daily activities.

Tips for a new mom:

1. Ask for HELP
2. Practice SELF CARE
3. CLEAN nutrition
4. Exercise SAFELY

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

•Relives Stress
•Improves Energy
•Alleviates Pain
•Restores Movement
•Facilitates Healing
•Improves Joint Nutrition
•Improves Function
•Facilitates returning to Sport/Activity


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