Well Within

How to Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams That is NOT Rooted in Counting Macros or Avoiding Your Child’s Birthday Cake.

Step into a new way of healing your body. A future life NOT defined about what you eat.

14- week Implementation Mentorship

If you’re like most of my clients who come to me, trying to sift through all the information about what to eat, how to exercise, and it is all consuming to the point of feeling paralyzed with what to do next?

Stepping into your body and finding your truest needs is really more than just counting calories being a slave to the diet world.

Sign up for “The Well Within Program”, a foundational 14-week implementation program like nothing you have ever experienced.  Where you can begin to identify the WHY, restore balance to your mood and your cycle, reset your metabolism, and boost your immune system all without spending your whole life on a pill, elimination diet, or ‘just dealing with the symptoms of motherhood.’

I’m ready to change my life.

This Might Sting a Little…

The food is not the problem.

New diets, New Year’s Resolutions and counting macros isn’t going to change your life. 

The truth is – while these things are important to look at, you are missing a vital part of the process.

If you want to truly change your life, you need to learn to the tools for your unique needs as a human. 

What would you feel like if you changed trajectory of your life?

Do me a favor, imagine yourself 3-months from now. How would you feel if you could:

  • Have a great relationship with food
  • Not have acne at 30+ years old
  • Feel good in your body
  • Not be a slave to your cycle
  • Exercise because you want to
  • Have the energy to play with your kids after a full day


In order to start living the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, things have to change.

Why continue onward with the guessing and struggling when there is another way?

What Others Are Saying

I Know What You Are Thinking…

How are you different from the other programs I have tried? This won’t work for me.

It is possible for you. I have helped so many women desperate for answers, who have tried several other programs.

I teach you the tools

  1. Learning information about your unique needs.
  2. Changing patterns to fit your lifestyle
  3. Integrating your genetic code into your lifestyle and food plan.

Here’s What’s Inside Waiting For You When You Join:

The Well Within Program

Treatment plans involve personalized diet, exercise, sleep hygiene and supplementation protocol. Our goal is to help you restore balance and achieve confidence in overall wellbeing.

  • Uncover the hidden secrets in your DNA. Yes we test your DNA!
  • Discover what might be lurking in your intestines with a stool test
  • Finally gain some clarity on how to identify body symptoms related to food
  • Learn how to actually eat with a purpose and abundantly
  • Develop sustainable health habits that will serve you for life
  • Incorporate a lifestyle that makes sense to YOU

The Well Within Program includes education, lots and lots of education. Because understanding what YOUR body needs is the aim of this game.

  • Connect with virtual appointments
  • Customized plan with your labs
  • Accountability virtual check ins and communication with Deanna
  • Weekly goals and intentions to help you succeed
I Need This

Week 1-2: Define Your Next 3-Months: Complete intake forms, order labs, complete a food journal, get started with the reducing inflammatory foods.

Week 3-4: Challenge Your Food: After 21 days, re-introducing foods will allow you to identify the body symptoms associated with food you eliminated.

Week 5-7: Lab interpretation: Re-assess body composition, stomach acid challenge, identify nutrient deficiencies with a food-first approach.

Week 8-9: Sleep Hygiene and Stress: A full overhaul on sleep hygiene, with specific how-to optimize room, routine and relaxation practices will help you find balance with your nerves. Tips on how to re-direct stress and utilize breathing techniques to relax your system.

Week 10-12: Exercise & DNA: Finding the exact amount of exercise by testing your DNA will allow you to dive deep into a strength and conditioning or a restorative program needed for you to continue to restore balance.

Week 12-14: Dial in your Hormones: At this point hormone assessment may be needed as your gut health continues to improve. Learn how to optimize Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver Detoxification with a lifestyle and food-first approach.

All the Tools Needed to Create the Body of Your Dreams

The complete step-by-step process needed to create the body of your dreams so you can care for your family, exercise, and eat without having the belly bloat or the unwanted gas when you have dinner out with your family.

Yes! I want to feel good in my own skin.

Why continue to struggle when there is a solution that is waiting for you?

I’ve helped several women re-establish a baseline of health, eliminate medication, optimize sleep and exercise routine and return to a healthy lifestyle where they are not counting macros or measuring food and now it’s your turn!

Over the years I’ve seen so many smart women lose sight of their goals because they were guided down the wrong path of healing.

And it prevents them from completely recovering from (said ailment).

Which means that if you decide to make a change for the long run, then you are choosing the hard path of disease.

It makes me sad to see women fall for the ‘cheap programs’ with incomplete information and recommendations for more exercise and more food restriction. Hear me when I say, there is another way! In fact, the other way is much more effective and sustainable than adding more stress to your life.

The Well Within Program may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get real results with all the support and accountability that you need to turn your small investment into huge benefits for the future. This investment will literally pay you back for the rest of your life.

So tell me…are you in?

Apply for the Program

You Get To Choose to Thrive


You can continue to keep doing what you’re doing, try diet after diet, throw some weights around at the gym and take some supplements that may help you feel better OR you can do it the fast way with all the accountability and support a that you need to create the body of your dreams so you can enjoy the better things in life.

About Your Coach

A mom, turned Physical Therapist, who decided Functional Medicine was the way of the future and shifted gears to focus her attention to growing her own self-sustaining cashed-based PT business in less than 2-years all while healing herself from what other practitioners would say was “a normal part of being a mom.”

Hi, I’m Deanna, and when I first became a Physical Therapist more than 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. But as my career continued to grow, I wanted more than anything to give people the tools needed to help themselves. Functional Medicine transformed my lifestyle and I stopped needing the help from those in the medical field who were quick to hand out a medication. Instead I was able to transform my own lifestyle and now I am using my powers for good.

When I got up the courage to get certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I decided I wanted more than anything was to get the message out into the world that there is a better way of healing. A deeper way. A longer lasting way.

And over the years, I’ve noticed that women who workout the most, measure their food, and skip sleep to exercise are those who are missing out on the most vital component of true health….balance.

I’m on a mission to help smart and resourceful mothers regain their normalcy as they continue to care for their children, prepare for another pregnancy or add another chapter to their life that they deserve.

Your Questions Here

How is the program delivered?

All of the content will be slowly delivered to you over the course of the 14-weeks utilizing an online program program. You will have emails, modules, forms and recordings to help you follow along and stay on track. Along with your 1:1 coaching calls spread out throughout the 14 weeks, you are sure to feel supported through the whole process.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access.

Does my insurance cover this program?

No. This is purely a cashed-based program that incorporates functional lab testing and 1:1 calls.

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