The Reason You are in Pain

The Reason You are in Pain -

Woman sitting at a desk with back pain
Stress may be the underlying reason for your pain

For most of us, there is no single “thing” that has started our pain. It is more of a compilation of symptoms, stressors, traumas and years of repetitive “things” that have added to the pain we feel today.

The question then becomes, “Did I truly heal from each of these “incidents?”” If the answer is no, then we are living in a chronic state of pain for no reason. 

Some of the natural ways you are in pain

The body is a phenomenally smart system that allows us to create compensation for decades in order to complete our daily tasks, without causing “serious harm.” These compensations eventually create years of wear and tear on joints, muscles, and ligaments.

The 2 main reasons we create unnecessary wear and tear on our bodies…

First – the differences (from side to side) within our body can get heightened with our habits, stress, and injury. It means we become too tight on one side and too weak on the other. For example, if you are a cashier who has to always reach and rotate from right to left..this can pose a problem if you also enjoy games that keep you in that habit-based position.

Second – our body has a natural dance between a restful state and an active state. When our nervous system is unable to shift from one state to the other, our system gets disrupted. Most of the time we get “stuck” in the active state. We lose the ability to relax, sleep or unwind. This is when injury can happen or our body begins to get sick because we are not aware of the warning signs it has been giving us. 

What to Do

Treating asymmetry is best done with a professional trained in spotting the subtle details. Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness works tirelessly to identify your unique needs.

Awareness is half of the battle. Try looking for some signs of asymmetry:

  • Pain on the same side
  • Uneven wear pattern on your shoes
  • One shoulder tipped more than the other

Tip for addressing both the asymmetries and nervous system is to exhale. Ideally, lie down with knees bent. Breath IN through your nose and OUT through your mouth.


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