Stress with Pregnancy

Stress with Pregnancy -

Dare I say that a pregnancy is a trauma?

Today, pregnancy is not given enough credit. As women, we have placed unrealistic expectations on each other. And it is take a toll on our health…quite literally.

Not only is pregnancy physically demanding on a woman’s body, but emotionally as well. The amount of stress while pregnant and immediately after is tremendous.

Physically, your hormones are stretching your pelvis wider than expected and you are like a emotional roller coaster, literally laughing and crying within the same sentence. You cannot make sense of the body changes. Everyone is telling you to rest, but you want to do more than you ever had. Am I right?

I’m just talking about when the baby is growing inside of you! Then the biggest challenge begins to overwhelm most. The demand on your body emotionally with this new baby is even higher than you could have imagined. How do you deal with the nipple pain? Constipation and fear of pooping? How exactly are you supposed to use that spray bottle they give you anyway? Oh and the uterus cramping…does the bleeding ever stop? Not to mention, your pelvis feels like it got ran over by a truck. And the little munchkin is trying to find his/her place in the world too. You both are waking every 2-3 hours and if they sleep longer than that, you check on them anyway for fear of them not breathing. This cycle goes on for months or even years.

What is expected…

Now if you are a working woman, that usually gives you about 8-12 weeks home with the baby if you are lucky. Really it takes about 8-12 weeks before you even remotely start to figure out what you need to do with this tiny little human.

Starting back at work is a scary idea in general and we are expected to “bounce” back into your normal…BUT what is normal? Your old normal is now non-existent and you now have to balance work-life-family and new baby.

The importance of friends, family and other like-minded women should come together to help each other out. Maybe you are a mother to one and expecting another or maybe you have had multiple children and it has been years and your babies are grown.

Centered Physical Therapy is the place for you!

I help women recover from the trauma of childbirth, even if it has been years. Be good to yourself, come see the postural expert that focuses on your pain, because she has been there too!

My story…

I have been there myself. I have suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction, but I have fully recovered. I have had back pain, hip pain and knee pain. I have dealt with diastasis recti and stress urinary incontinence but I have changed my lifestyle and I am better for it.

All of these stressors have made physical, emotional and microbiome changes, none of which for the better. I am in my 30’s and was struggling with devastating fatigue, mental fatigue, my baby wasn’t sleeping more than 2 hours in a stretch and I also had to return to work.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found a new way of treating the body and decided to get certified in functional medicine. I found myself “healthy” by society and family standards, but my body was still unhappy. Starting first with my diet, my husband and I detoxed and eliminated most of the inflammation within our body and made a conscious effort to figure out how to make the baby sleep. We hired a sleep specialist that helped us muddle through our struggles, so our bodies could begin to recover with SLEEP. With some practice, our youngest was able to begin to sleep more, this allowed us to get some much needed rest.

Now with our diet in check and our sleep improving, I opened my own business so I could help share the love and the knowledge that I have gained. Call me crazy, but I am passionate about finding the answer to questions and when I (in my 30’s) was struggling to even get out of bed, “normal” was an answer I was not willing to accept.

I want to help others with their story, improve their posture, improve their health and create a community that can support each other when they need it the most.

I recommend choosing Physical Therapy FIRST, don’t wait until you are in pain. Be proactive about your health.

Recovery for Stress while Pregnant

The body is an amazing thing, it can transform, withstand stress both physical and emotional and seem to still function. But at some point the break down begins to happen. Stress alone is the number one factor that will change your body functions.


  1. Slows your Parasympathetic Nervous System and makes it hard for you to “rest and digest”
  2. Causes imbalances in your hormones to allow you to store more cortisol
  3. It changes your infants microbiome READ THIS ARTICLE

How to deal…

Choose Physical Therapy:

  1. Addressing your physical aches and pains can dramatically improve your mood and ability to tolerate movement as you continue to grow.
  2. Down regulating your system by breathing will allow the Parasympathetic Nervous System to begin to work properly
  3. Having some accountability and someone in your corner (i.e. friend, husband, mom, practitioner, etc) can dramatically improve your ability to cope and gain perspective

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Dr. Deanna Elliott, DPT

There is a great link HERE from the American Pregnancy Association, Promoting Wellness and the importance of exercise (safe exercise) throughout your pregnancy.

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