Stop Stretching your HAMSTRINGS

Stop Stretching your HAMSTRINGS -

Please for the love….STOP stretching your hamstrings!

The hamstring is a muscle on the back of your thigh. It’s job is to extend the hip and flex the knee. More importantly it’s PRIMARY job is to stabilize the pelvis. It is common practice to stretch our muscles when they are tight, but who is to tell you that they are tight?

Are they truly tight?

Like I mentioned before the primary function of the hamstrings is to stabilize the pelvis. Our body has a natural tendency to tip forward and create an anterior tip of the pelvis. The hamstrings attach to the “sit bones” or the ischial tuberosities. These bones provide the anchor to help pull the pelvis back where it “should” be when we walk, run or sit.

Over-lengthened Hamstrings

Think of it this way, if we continue to stretch the hamstrings, the one thing that is holding us upright and not allowing us to fall forward, then we are putting more demand on our lower back and spine. Of course, the forces can be translated other places, but I write this in hopes that you step back and analyze WHY you are stretching and be proactive toward your body. If your hamstrings are tight…it might mean your pelvis is tipping too far forward, you have too much lower back arch or you have more tissue in your abdomen than you should.

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