Should I see my Physical Therapist first?

Should I see my Physical Therapist first? -

Yes! You Should See Your Physical Therapist First.

When you are in pain, the first reaction is to cancel. This is a common and invalid misconception…”I had a rough weekend or I hurt my back doing (enter activity here) I think I will reschedule my appointment with you today.”

I hear this all too often! Here are some tips on why you should NOT cancel when you are hurting.

  1. First, Physical Therapists are the muscle and movement experts.
  2. Second, we know how to make you feel better. 
  3. Third, we can give you tips on how to avoid this pain in the future.

Oregon is a Direct Access State, which means you can skip the Physician and come get your musculoskeletal issues resolved first. A Physical Therapist is trained to identify the need for a Physician referral if your injury is more serious than just a musculoskeletal injury. When in doubt, don’t cancel!

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