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services for pregnant moms

Imagine addressing your pain for good, so you are not limited by your pain in motherhood.

Mama, I know you’re not feeling your best.

You’re a good mom. You want to give your kids the lifestyle they deserve. But man, the never-ending cycle of waking up, shuttling the kids, homework, meal prep, birthdays and holidays is exhausting.

Now, imagine this daily chaos multiplied by 10 or 100—that is what your body is feeling on the inside. From growing babies to managing your day-to-day life for your family, where does that leave you? Your body is keeping score and you feel it every day.

If you’re tired when you wake up (that one cup of coffee just isn’t enough) and that mile-long to-do list you’re facing overwhelms you, I can help. Because it’s not the chores or your child’s lost shoes that have you on your last rope—it’s your nervous system. She’s taxed, burned out, and desperately needs recharging.

I’ve helped hundreds of women feel energized, strong, and pain-free. My unique approach goes beyond stretching routines—connecting symptoms to past injuries and stressful events that have manifested in your body. By restoring your alignment with your breath, you can release that tension and pain—finding a balanced body that keeps up with your growing kids and busy life.

Dr. Deanna Elliott

Pregnancy and motherhood catapults a woman into a significantly different world that is often too much for one person to handle…or should handle.

Your body needs a break. A rest. A reference.

And I want to teach you exactly what that means for YOU and YOUR body

It all comes down to your breathing.

I know that sounds too simple, but hear me out.

Every system inside of our body is inter-connected, whether it be our circulation, hormones, nerves, digestive or muscles. And all of those systems work together and are managed by pressure that is created from our breathing.

By learning how to find the ground, become centered through your breath and releasing those tensions from within will give you the opportunity to build a balanced body and body systems that will restore their innate rhythm.

And to let that shit go!

Some of the things I have helped other women with:

I teach you how to slow it down, connect to your breath, and release the emotion and pain out of your body by helping you correct the alignment of your body so you can feel safe moving, exercising, and caring for your family.

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let’s work together

I offer program packages to serve each of my client’s specific needs. Not sure what’s the right fit for you? Book a discovery call and we’ll talk about your options.



Dip your toes into the beginning stage of connecting to your breath and finding a pair of “happy shoes” that will give you more confidence and freedom in your body than any stretch ever will. This program is designed for the proactive, self-starter who can take homework into her own hands. We work diligently before your due date to catapult your healing in preparation for your birth-day.

This package includes 3 sessions with Deanna:

  • Session #1: Body Assessment
  • Session #2: Finding the Best Shoe
  • Session #3: Creating a Custom Care Plan




You might have a few pain points going on. Maybe you have a “neck thing” and an old injury or maybe you have a “hip thing” that limits your ability to jump into life fully. As you continue to progress through this pregnancy, new things can arise. I want to be available to you and your needs so you can have a pain-free pregnancy you desire. This program is designed to create a systematic way of jumping into balancing your body with your breath, shoes, and movement so you can stay injury free and create a life you enjoy…pain free! We have an option of having a partner or birth partner attend a virtual or in-person session to go over the laboring and birthing support options outlined in the birthing guide.

This package includes 6 sessions with Deanna to tap into your body’s potential, reduce painful lifestyle habits and create a comprehensive treatment plan. You’ll also receive chat access throughout the week so you can get your questions answered in between sessions.


Bump to Baby


This is my signature VIP package for those mamas who are wanting support because they want to have the best pregnancy, birthing experience and postpartum. This program is for you if you have struggled previously with another pregnancy and know you need continued assistance or if you know you need accountability to stay on track with all of the big changes that happen during pregnancy. We work together throughout your pregnancy and ideally start before the 2nd trimester. Together we map out how our sessions and our program will look over the remainder of pregnancy and into postpartum. In this package, we also have a partner or birth partner attend a virtual or in-person session to go over the laboring and birthing support options outlined in the birthing guide.

This package includes 12 sessions with Deanna to help you from pregnancy to postpartum. These sessions are designed to help you experience a better, pain-free pregnancy and labor in addition to focusing on additional healing support you’ll need during the first few months of postpartum. You’ll also receive chat access in between sessions to answer questions, discuss your care plan and receive helpful encouragement and accountability.


Breech Baby


Don’t despair mama! Many babies can be turned before birth by creating more room in your body. Time is critical in these cases so we skip the discovery call. I prioritize time in my schedule specifically for these—book your Breech Baby Consultation directly by clicking the link below.


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First, you book a free discovery call with me to discuss which program option is the best fit for you and any questions you may have.