Sacroiliac Pain also known as SI pain

Sacroiliac Pain also known as SI pain -

Sacroiliac Pain also known as SI pain

Sacroiliac pain also known as SI Pain is a common diagnosis that can be limiting to many people, especially women. In fact, it is very common during and after childbirth when your body already is subject to so many changes. 

The sacrum is important bone that provides stability for the pelvis. It allows force to translate from one side of the pelvis to the other.  This pain is very common for those known as weekend warriors. Those who do a lot of sitting during the week and then proceed to high intensity exercises or activities on the weekend.

As I have mentioned before, the sacrum acts as the center point between your pelvis. When dealing with SI joint pain it is important to look into the restriction of the left hip. More specifically, the posterior hip capsule.

Our leg bone also known as a femur must be able to “piston” up into the hip capsule where it can properly stabilize the body weight in preparation for the next step. If we cannot properly seat the femur into the hip capsule, the SI joint and pelvis are called on for more stability. Over time this produces pain. Having adequate motion on both sides of your body will allow you to propel your self forward, sit, stand more comfortably.

Try this…

A simple awareness and hip capsule stretch is described below. This is designed to be performed on the LEFT SIDE ONLY because we are very good at standing on our right leg and “seating” our right hip.

  • Perform this in front of your kitchen sink or table.
  • Stand on a 2″ block with your left leg.
  • Place your right leg in front, like you are taking a step forward.
  • Keeping both heels on the ground, bend over and place your forearms on the surface in front of you.
  • If you feel tightness in your left hip, this is where we want to start. This is a great start for you.


SI joint pain is very complex. It is important to see a professional in order to maximize your recovery.

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**Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. This is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice**



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