Round Ligament Pain??

Round Ligament Pain?? -

All the joy and excitement of being pregnant and adding to your family is often stunted by the fact that you have pain. Although pain and discomfort is common during pregnancy it is not the normal, especially round ligament pain.

Why it happens

Women have 2 round ligaments, on on either side of the uterus, usually felt on the side of abdomen. These ligaments start at the bottom of the groin, fan outward and connect to the hip region.

During pregnancy the uterus continues to grow and these ligaments stretch and become tight (like a rubber band being stretched) creating a stretching sensation. This pain can be experienced when you turn over in bed, cough, sneeze or even walk on uneven terrain.

As your baby grows, your abdomen and tissues begin to stretch, that’s natural. When tissues are tight (from habit or previous injury), the body will create stretching in order to make room for baby. It is often though that this strain is felt when the baby is not in the ideal position…

BUT, it is not the baby that is in a poor position, it is the mama. A poorly positioned pelvis, does not allow proper seating of the baby, uterus, or cervix and this tightness happens sooner in pregnancy the tighter or more restricted your are globally throughout your body.

How to help it go away

For those mamas who are suffering from this ligament pulling pain, you would benefit from a repositioning program. But in the short term make sure that you:

  1. Maximize the use of a maternity belt (Tip for this is comfort, in order to maximize usage it MUST be comfortable)
  2. Modify how you are sitting (i.e. sitting on sit bones, feet flat on the ground and upper body relaxed)
  3. Breath into your back (expand the ribcage between your shoulder blades)
  4. All four belly lift: 1) Try placing your hands and knees onto the ground with shoulders over hands and hips over knees, 2) then lifting your middle and your belly up toward your spine, 3) hold this position while you actively try to fill up your spine with air (i.e. do not let your belly come down). This WILL activate the chain of muscles needed to improve your pelvic position, better seat your uterus and baby AND prepare your for labor.
all four belly lift
All Four Belly Lift performed to maximize position for those growing triplets.

We at Centered Physical Therapy are dedicated to quickly getting women out of pain, so they can care for their family.

I am happy to guide you through some simple modifications that you can implement within your busy day TODAY!

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