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client resources

What to expect:

Once scheduled, you will receive an email with a secure link to create a profile through Practice Better. You will be invited to fill out your paperwork before the date of your appointment, so I can go over the details beforehand.

Initial Session: Will include a thorough movement assessment, health history and a systematic approach to addressing your entire body.

What to wear: On your first visit please wear workout clothes and something less restrictive as I want to assess your movement abilities.

Follow up sessions: Typical follow up sessions will be less frequent than traditional therapy. Often our treatment protocol accommodates a busy schedule, so often I see you once or twice a month. This allows your body to keep the changes that we are trying to make for good.

Shoes: Your feet are an integrated part of your program and vital to progressing successfully through your healing journey. Usually on 2nd or 3rd visit, we fit you for a specific PRI shoe that will allow your entire system to create more mobility and freedom just by lacing up a pair of shoes. Upon evaluation, I will give specific recommendations for your body and feet needs. Hruska Shoe List.

Additional Support:

  • For those who purchase the Healing and the VIP packages, they will receive additional support via emails for mini check-ins as well as portal messenger support.
  • For those who purchase the Grounding Package please use info@centeredphysicaltherapy.com for additional questions and have your questions ready for your next visit.