Pregnant Posture: Common Misconceptions

Pregnant Posture: Common Misconceptions -

Let me tell you about a life-changing story. One that I was lucky enough to be a part of and it all begins with a young family that doubled in size! With the help of a Postural Restoration treatment plan implemented at Centered Physical Therapy, this mama was able to maximize her ability to carry those babies naturally to full term. Which happens less than 10% of the time with triplets. Congrats Erin!!

Erin and Shawn Byers are just like any other young family, with a 15-year-old son and a rambunctious toddler, they were ready to take on another little one. This young family was considering growing their family. They were so happy when they found out that Erin was pregnant! It is always an exciting time when you find out that you get the chance to grow a tiny miracle.

The life-changing moment…

Erin, a full-time working mother of 2 children, found out that she was pregnant with not 1, not 2, but 3 babies!! Imagine deciding to add to your family and finding out that you will actually double the size!!! That is exactly what has happened to Erin and her husband Shawn Byers.

There would be few women in the world who would feel ready to be pregnant with triplets. When they were told the news, they thought to themselves, “Okay, we’ve got this.” For the majority of couples, like Erin and Shawn, this would be a huge surprise. In fact, both she and her husband had spent weeks on an emotional roller coaster. They spent days and nights crying with excitement, having tears of fear, and becoming overwhelmed with anxiety of how this actually changed their life.

How will they afford 3 babies? The laundry, the diapers, the feedings, our house isn’t big enough let alone their car. This amount of emotion, only a few will experience. In fact, statistics suggest that conceiving triplets naturally occurs 1 in every 9000 births.

Proactive Mama Continues…

If you don’t know Erin, you might not understand her viewpoint on health and wellness. But she leads a very proactive lifestyle in both fitness and health. It is this viewpoint that would set her up for success and ultimately carry those beautiful babies to full term!! Did you know that most multiples aren’t able to be carried to full term? In fact, the common length of natural gestation of triplets is between 28-32 weeks and she made it 34 weeks!!

Erin and Deanna discussing the plan of care (18 weeks)

This is when Centered Physical Therapy comes into play with the complex health plan for The Byer’s Family Triplet Adventure

Centered Physical Therapy focuses on getting down to the root cause of your pain and health issues. We see the body as a whole unit, which means that we can systematically figure out your movement limitations that fit your lifestyle. This approach allows us to build a plan of care that is specific for you. We believe that building trust in your healthcare provider is crucial to obtain maximum recovery and improve overall wellness.

Dr. Deanna Elliott, DPT

Together, Deanna and Erin decided to commit to a weekly preventative care program, in order to maximize comfort, increase room for those babies and prepare for this working mom to push the limits. This was all under the supervision of her highly advanced medical staff, which included Dr. Bernard Fetal-Maternal Specialist and Dr. Carissa Ross, OB.

17 weeks

Early on, Deanna completed a detailed assessment of her current “position” which helped guide the treatment plan in a way that helped address her specific needs. Luckily, she was so willing and active to participate that we were able to make great changes before the girls began to take up so much room.

Sawyer playing with 3 baby girls, his newest change at daycare.

We underestimate how intelligent toddlers actually are. It was early on in Erin’s pregnancy that Sawyer, her youngest, who started playing with 3 dolls at daycare. He has adopted the idea that he will be out-numbered and wanted to get a handle on it. What a smart kiddo.

Become an Active Participant

In this article, I wanted to bring awareness to the preventative care mindset necessary to carry healthy babies to full term. I will briefly show you some of the changes we have experienced over the course of this unique pregnancy.

As you will notice, I have posted several before and after photos from each visit. It was with the help of intentional breathing of the Postural Restoration and of course Erin’s motivation to carry through with all of these recommendations that made her pregnancy successful.

18 weeks

“The babies are the size of sweet potatoes this week. I can feel them moving all around. It’s definitely an interesting feeling to feel so many tiny kicks all around my belly. I can only imagine what it’s going to feel like in a month or two,”

Erin says very excitedly

Starting with the basics. It is the recognition of the body’s asymmetries that gives us the ability to change how we stand, sit, sleep as those babies continue to grow within. We are not the same on both sides, our nervous system, circulatory system and even our organs do not occupy the same spaces in our bodies from right to left.

20 weeks

21 weeks

As the baby continues to develop, a woman’s body changes, this is natural. But we can alter the position of your pelvis and re-distribute the stresses placed on the body during this critical time. This means less back pain, neck pain, and hip pain for you!

“The girls are doing great, they are the size of English Endives. Dr. Bernard, the Fetal-Maternal Specialist is pleased with the girl’s heart beats and overall health of each baby.”

states Erin Byers

22 weeks

“The babies are the size of an ear of corn. They all had echocardiograms today and everything looks amazing with their little hearts. They are very active and are around 1 pound. Ultrasounds are difficult because they need to calculate and measure everything about them, so they are REALLY long.”


26 – 27 weeks

“The girls are all over 2 pounds and love to kick each other and me all day. By now, it is getting harder to bend and move every day, but I’m still plugging away,” Erin says.

Through all of this, Erin is quick to report that it takes a team to help keep her and those girls happy and healthy. Along with the Physical Therapy sessions, she has been getting weekly Chiropractic care and intermittent prenatal massages.

28-29 weeks

Pregnancy cravings…Try ordering for 4 people all at once.

“I feel like I swallowed a beach ball! I’m very round. Baby B and C like to spend their day halfway under my ribs, which is so much fun,” Erin says with an eye-rolled smirk. “I’ve got the extra belly support these days, these ladies are getting big.” The girls are the size of coconuts and it is officially the countdown until the due date.

Belly band or Kinesiotape support is a great addition to your plan of care to help you through pain or discomfort as you approach your due date. Of course, you would be better off consulting a professional to address your specific needs.

30 weeks

The above picture was the last appointment Erin and the girls could sustain because of the “super” bed rest prescription. There was a scare, that resulted in a hospital stay. The strength of this woman is unmeasurable.

Since last trimester photos are so flattering. This is a photo that Erin said she felt more comfortable relating to at the very end of her pregnancy.

As a full-time working wife and mother of 2 children, being put on bed rest is one of the hardest things to hear. It literally goes against her personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of her family for that matter. BUT, a mother will literally do ANYTHING for the life and love of their child. This is exactly what she did…successfully. She was able to guarantee a full-term, natural triplet pregnancy with the extra needed rest. She was able to sit on her nest like a mother hen and make it to 34 weeks, which is considered full-term for a single baby. The odds of making it to full term with 3 babies, is less than 10%. AND. SHE. DID. IT!

March 6, 2019, was the day a new chapter began for the Byers family. Introducing the 3 girls, Harper Lynn, Savannah Marie, Avery Renee.

Photo credit: Jessica Porter with
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Thank you, Erin, for letting Centered Physical Therapy play an active role in your care. You are a rockstar!!

Dr. Deanna Elliott, DPT is passionate about helping moms quickly get out of pain so they can return to caring for their families.

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