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I Help Create Health Routines for Busy Moms 

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As moms, we have to wear many hats that often lead to neglecting our own needs. We push our aches and pains aside so our family can thrive.



I get it. I am a mother of 3, a wife and a business owner. But I’m here to tell you can chase your kids and your own dreams too!



Imagine having the tools to create a consistent, clear pattern needed to de-clutter your own stress within your body?



You are the expert in your own body. And no one is listening to your



The body needs to feel one thing in order to heal….SAFETY.



By building a foundational program (based on your unique needs), your body begins to feel safe and you can let go of those unnecessary tensions.



Unlike common exercise programs we can dive deep into your health history and get to the root of your issues.



The industry of health and fitness does not dig deep into “why” you are in physical pain. It is often blamed on the fact that you are a woman with small children.



But this is so far from the truth. In fact, it makes me sick.



This is exactly why I created this program.

How Lyns Got Her Power Back

Johnny Leveled Up His Program

Taylor’s Pubic Symphysis Pain Eliminated

Here’s the Magic

There is something magical that happens when a woman gets her power back. When she feels fully present and grounded in her feet.



It is not a problem that needs to be fixed, because you are NOT broken. Nope. Instead recognizing the new found challenges allows you to create a more positive frame of mind, that allows you to meet that challenge head on.



We are re-programming your mind-body connection. We must focus on the process of how to implement systems into your life. This way you can creating tiny little habits that allow your goals to become attainable and sustainable. 



For example, you can get motivated to clean up a room and for a day or a week your room is clean, but if you don’t have a sustainable process in order, the messy habits will overwhelm the clean room and it will all be lost.  



When you have a problem you feel broken, like you need to be fixed. But none of that is true.



Re-define you own healing journey and your challenge starts here.

Ways To Work With Me

Mini Program – Dip Your Toes Into The Magic

An affordable start to building your foundation and begin re-mapping your brain and body. Begin identifying how your habits are connected to the pain.


Gold Standard – It’s Time to Shift and Ground Down

This 6-10 week program really begins to uncover some of the root issues within your body. Dissolve stress and pain all through the mode of harmonizing your breath.


VIP Package – You Are A Unicorn

This 12-week plan is designed for that  woman who desires a magical birth and the recovery of their dreams. Transform your body into a powerful position so you can maximize your livelihood and bring back your fire.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Deanna thrives on getting down to the root of the problem in order to make sustainable changes for the women that she treats. As a mother of two girls, she relates to many of the issues associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. All of which she was able to resolve with Postural Restoration Techniques that address the whole body.


If you want to determine if you likely have pelvic floor dysfunction…

Start With The Body Balancing Program

Stress is the #1 CAUSE of illness, and we all know mom’s juggle a lot of balls. What can you do when life gets overwhelming and time seems scarce? Do you need to spend hours meditating or days on a relaxing get-away? Nope! In fact, you have all the tools you need right inside of you. Breathe yourself into alignment today!

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