Pregnancy & the Body

I Help Create a Consistent Health Routine for Busy Moms


As moms, we have to wear many hats that can disrupt our very own needs to heal. We push our aches and pains aside so our family can thrive. Imagine having the tools to create a consistent, clear pattern needed to de-clutter your own stress?


I help busy moms build healthy habits needed to heal their body for good. By building a foundational program to your daily routine, your body begins to feel safe and you can let go of those unnecessary tensions. Unlike common exercise programs we can dive deep into your health history and get to the root of your issues.


If you are like most of my clients, chances are you are thinking “I don’t have time for this. I have to work 40-hours a week or I have several small children at home and they won’t let me spare a minute.”

Or “I’ve tried these programs before and they didn’t help me,” or “this is going to cost me a fortune and what if it doesn’t work.”


I get it! The internet misses several KEY COMPONENTS to actually helping you succeed. The mainstream healthcare industry has it all wrong, they actually WANT you to be sick. This is how they make money. Keep you sick + give you pills (which you pay for) = makes you sicker and dependent on the system…and the cycle continues.


This is exactly why I created this program.


The Cold Hard Truth…

If you don’t recognize and overcome your daily habits that are hurting you, you will inevitably be driving your body into a state of disrepair. 


It has to be more than just a “goal oriented program.” The goal-setting mindset allows you to only define your life on successful gains and devastating losses. 


Instead, we must focus on the process of how to implement systems into your life. By creating a lifestyle system, you are creating tiny little habits that allow your goals to become attainable and sustainable. 


For example, you can get motivated to clean up a room and for a day or a week your room is clean, but if you don’t have a sustainable process in order, the messy habits will overwhelm the clean room and it will all be lost.  


When you have a problem you you search for a solution. The solution to your problem starts here. 

Mini Session:


An affordable start to building your foundational habits after 3 weeks. Begin identifying how your habits are connected to the pain.

Gold Standard:


This 6-week program helps you establish long lasting goals proven to dissolve stress, pain and improve your posture so you can feel strong and balanced for your busy motherhood. 

VIP Package:


This 12-week treatment plan is unique to your specific goals. Ready to eliminate more than just your pain? Transform your body into a powerful position for vitality and increasing your livelihood.

Will all programs you will have access to all of your exercises an online HIPPA compliant patient portal online and with the GetHealthie app you can use on your phone.


And if you already know you want some guidance…

Book your discovery visit today and discuss your very specific needs with Dr. Deanna Elliott, PT, DPT, PRC today. 

Some Questions


Do you take insurance?

No. Cashed based focused care allows us to set our own standards and not be dictated by a third party. 

You can submit a super bill to your insurance although Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness is not affiliated with Medicare or OHP. 


How long are the appointments?

The first appointment is 75 minutes and involves an in-depth evaluation followed by treatment

Follow ups are 60 minutes each


Is Telehealth an option? 

Yes. Set up is discussed within your discovery visit and how to properly dress and utilizing the computer system. 

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Deanna thrives on getting down to the root of the problem in order to make sustainable changes for the women that she treats. As a mother of two girls, she relates to many of the issues associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. All of which she was able to resolve with Postural Restoration Techniques that address the whole body.


If you want to determine if you likely have pelvic floor dysfunction…

4 Exercises Every MOM Can Do Daily

Stress is the #1 CAUSE of illness, and we all know mom’s juggle a lot of balls. What can you do when life gets overwhelming and time seems scarce? Do you need to spend hours meditating or days on a relaxing get-away? Nope! In fact, you have all the tools you need right inside of you. Breathe yourself into alignment today!

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