Pregnancy & the Body

As humans, we have underlying movement patterns that create excess tension, aches and pains. At Centered Physical Therapy, we help you identify these patterns and unlock your body so you can move more freely. Moving is not complicated, we just need to become aware.


Through our integrative healthcare approach, we identify movement restrictions and put you on a path of ‘resetting’ these neurological patterns. Prevention is key in order to avoid disabling pain.

In-Person Physical Therapy Appointments

Identifying YOUR body’s natural differences can help alleviate your current aches and pains. Our in-person physical therapy appointments focus on wellness and developing a personalized plan for postural restoration and ease of movement.

The Evaluation:
  • 60-75 minutes
  • Establish goals
  • Go over expectations as a client
  • Go over expectations as a practitioner
  • Complete head-to-toe movement analysis
  • Get started with 2-3 exercises
  • Select the best treatment plan for you
Mini Session:
  • An affordable treatment plan.
  • Come once a week for 3 weeks to see how effective this work can be with YOUR body.
  • Chronic pain, stress management, joint body aches and muscle tension.
Gold Standard:
  • A 6-visit treatment plan.
  • Establish goals
  • This proven systematic approach allows us to transform stress, pain and correct sub-optimal posture in order to down-regulate your entire nervous system.
VIP Package:
  • This 12-week treatment plan is unique to your specific goals.
  • Those who are ready to transform their entire life and maximize their strength and performance.
  • The treatment plan will be specific to you and your lifestyle needs.

**The results will be much more powerful when the program is completed in its entirety.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Deanna thrives on getting down to the root of the problem in order to make sustainable changes for the women that she treats. As a mother of two girls, she relates to many of the issues associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. All of which she was able to resolve with Postural Restoration Techniques that address the whole body.


If you want to determine if you likely have pelvic floor dysfunction…

12-Week Online Posture Reset Program

What if you had more control over your delivery? What if you had more control over your body during pregnancy?

Try our online 12-week program with step-by-step instructions on ‘reset’ postures you can quickly integrate within your life to help re-balance your body and address your pain. This program is designed specifically for, (but not limited to) the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Postpartum (even if it has been years)
  • Women experiencing leakage
  • Constipation after baby
  • Pain while sleeping
  • Hip and neck pain while breastfeeding

Recovery Made Easy! Imagine…

  • Having the information you need to assist with your recovery
  • Being able to get started quickly and safely on your own timeline
  • Completing the program in the comfort of your own home
  • Not having to organize babysitters or toting kiddos to appointments
  • Learning how to physically modify stress just by breathing
  • Feeling stronger, more confident and in control of your body through simple, low-stress exercises

4 Exercises Every MOM Can Do Daily

Stress is the #1 CAUSE of illness, and we all know mom’s juggle a lot of balls. What can you do when life gets overwhelming and time seems scarce? Do you need to spend hours meditating or days on a relaxing get-away? Nope! In fact, you have all the tools you need right inside of you. Breathe yourself into alignment today!

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