Postural Therapy

Postural Therapy -

Postural restoration is a postural therapy specifically designed to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery.

People should actually not fear pain, but rather listen to it and respond. The body gives specific cues to help you modify from severely damaging itself.

Did you know?

  • The population is becoming MORE sedentary
  • Sedentary lifestyle leads to misuse and dysfunction
  • Dysfunction will produce multiple pain syndrome and chronic pain

Malalignment or misuse of your body can change multiple systems within your body. Poor alignment of your rib cage, abdomen or spine can change the respiratory system. Limited movement in your thoracic spine and ribcage will most definitely change digestive system. Finally, the improper alignment of your spine will allow your extremities neck, shoulders and hips have to work harder than designed.

It is important to see how much you move during the day, but also identify the inactivity within your day. Postural restoration is a restorative technique that encourages movement throughout the day and focused on making a lifestyle change. Although PRI can restore adequate alignment, disuse and sedentary lifestyles will continue to limit progression with program.

Benefits of a Postural Restoration Trained Therapist?

  • Improve Posture
  • Less Pain
  • Long Term Improvements
  • No Need for Medication or Surgery
  • Improvement with Performance

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Having a difficult time exercising? Have you been told that surgery is the only way to correct your painful area? If so, I invite you to try the Postural Restoration Technique. It might just change your life. It did for me (click below)

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