Postpartum Healing

Postpartum Healing -

The baby is here….now WHAT??

The first few days home from the hospital are great…

  • You are HOME
  • FREE from a ever growing baby inside your belly
  • On the road to RECOVERY

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Then reality hits…

My body hurts, my boobs hurt, I have not control of my bladder… (how embarrassing!)

5 TIPS for the Post-Partum MOM

  1. ASK FOR HELP: Change your mindset. Every woman could use some support, even if they do not want to admit it. It is important to keep your health as you are nourishing this new bundle of joy. It is important to let your body heal and you to mentally recover.
  2. PRACTICE SELF CARE: We are now focused on our baby and neglect ourselves. The most important thing to help care for your baby is care for YOURSELF.
  3. NUTRITION: Your body has been under a lot of pressure providing for the child you just grew inside your body. You need to REMOVE the bad and REPLACE it with good nutrition. Eat nutrient dense foods to help maximize your recovery and improve your child’s microbiome.
  4. EXERCISE: Don’t feel pressured on this, everyone heals at a different rate, but slowly getting into a movement program will help DETOXIFY your body. Restoring your core and improving your strength will allow you to protect your spine and reduce the risk of future injuries.
  5. FIND A WOMEN’S HEALTH THERAPIST: Ask a professional. It is important to get back into all of these tips, but most importantly it needs to be specific to YOUR RECOVERY.

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Friends listen up…

Here is a novel idea, instead of throwing a baby shower BEFORE baby arrives (that’s the easy part), how about we throw a “Post-partum party” instead when it gets hard??

Think about it, someone can organize food trains, help you get food for your other family members, do laundry, let you shower, let you SLEEP!! PLUS, you get to snuggle the little nugget!!

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There should be focus on postpartum recovery, but there isn’t. Individualized nutrition and health body concerns should be the focus in order to optimize healthy happy healing. Mindset and support should be the focus on the recovery time after having a child. The amount of stress, both physical and mental takes a toll on your body and needs to be addressed.

Here is an article about “Throwing a Postpartum” party instead of a baby shower. Face it, more than half of the stuff you get at a baby shower, you don’t use anyway or they outgrow it before you even get to it. Focus on healthy healing and optimal wellness for the mother and child. What we really need is a tribe of friends and family to help you with EVERYTHING.

  • Go to the grocery store
  • Entertain your other children
  • Vacuum
  • Care for the newborn so you can SLEEP
    • Rest alone can help recharge your milk supply and decrease inflammation within the body

Centered Physical Therapy focuses on OPTIMAL HEALTH. It is our goal at Centered Physical Therapy to help maximize your recovery after having a child. We look forward to helping you PREPARE for pregnancy, TRANSITION through your pregnancy pains and RECOVER after having a child. We believe building trust in your healthcare provider is necessary in order to maximize recovery and improve overall wellness. Learn how to LISTEN to your body, make CHANGES with food and OVERCOME the daily challenges it takes to be a mother.

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