Suffering from Head and Neck Pain?

Suffering from Head and Neck Pain? -

Suffering from Head and Neck Pain?


We are in the age of computers

Today efficiency and time management play an integral part of our busy lifestyle both at work and in our free time. Did you know that the constant strain of your musculature straining of your eyes compounded with poor sitting posture could feed into our neck pain and headaches?


Is this optimal sitting posture?



Feel his pain, feel his headache, feel his stress!


So why do I care?

Our lifestyles and working habits condition us to move LESS and sit MORE. How do I fix this? I am here to give a brief update on the importance of proper sitting posture and the overall affect of the visual system on the rest of the body. This means, if we change our posture (aka work stations) and decrease the strain on our visual system, then tension in our entire body will be decreased.

Work Desk Recommendations:

Here are a few tips to get your workstation into an optimal ergonomic position to assist with your pain and tensions.


The optimal distance for the computer screen is an arm’s length away.



The height of the computer screen should be just below eye level. This makes the 2/3 of the screen below eye level.


Feet must fully touch the ground or place a stool under feet to ensure proper posture.

Knee:Hip Ratio

Knees and hips should be at the same level, meaning parallel to the floor. The foot placement can help solve this issue.

But I use glasses…

Those with bifocals tend to tilt head up producing excessive occipital extension. This is BAD, very, very bad. Ask your optometrist about computer specific glasses.


Take breaks!

It is important for your eyes to get rest breaks from the computer screen every 30 minutes. If possible, you could look out a window and focus on something as far away as possible.

Try This..

For those who are primarily at the computer for their daily job, place items on either side of the computer screen on the desk. Periodically testing your side vision is important to relax and give your eyes a break. Attempt to become aware of those items without moving your head or eyes from the screen.

Fun Fact

“Did you know that there are 200 muscle spindles per gram of muscle in the subocciptal region, compared to only 16 muscle spindles per gram in the first lumbrical of the hand.”

(Treleaven J Sensorimotor disturbances in neck disorders affecting postural stability, head and eye movement and control. Manual Therapy. 2008. 13:2-11.)

Okay…what does that mean?

Simply put, there is more sensory input in the head and neck than in one finger of your hand. Changing your head and neck position will decrease the demand on the muscles needed to hold up your head. If your body is properly positioned over your pelvis then there will be less tension in your mid to lower back AS WELL as your head and neck.

Now do you see how important set up and posture is with your tension headaches?


If these tips do not help your pain, call your local Deanna Elliott, Doctor of Physical Therapy today: (541) 237- 4136 or visit: https://centeredphysicaltherapy.com.

**This information is not meant to replace or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.**

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