Your poor pelvic floor, what did baby do to you?

Your poor pelvic floor, what did baby do to you? -

Your bowels, your back, your hips and your pelvic floor! Your poor pelvic floor, what did baby do to you? There is hope in restoring what you had…I mean have.


Breathing is our survival. It is literally how we stay alive. We know this fact, yet we never pay much attention to HOW we are breathing or if it is even done “correctly.”


Does breathing affect movement?

How does movement affect breathing?


Breathing is fundamental and is usually where I start with most of my clients. In fact, this is how you can directly change the position of your pelvic diaphragm….I mean your pelvic floor.


Yes, your pelvic floor acts as a diaphragm as well. Actually, it mirrors the respiratory diaphragm and allows us to create adequate abdominal pressure to ensure proper spinal alignment.


Restoring the sequencing of breathing will allow us to synchronize your pelvic floor, unload the spine and increase abdominal pressure. All of which will allow us to shift into a state of “rest” in order to digest, eliminate and relax.


Do you hold your breath when you lift something heavy? Or when you drive down a street you are unfamiliar with trying to find a new addresses? It’s not until your body begins to shift and move before you realize you were actually holding your breath.

Break the habit, learn how to exhale and change your posture, change your pain and protect your spine.

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