No Pain, No Brain

No Pain, No Brain -

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure

“No pain, No gain…?” I like to think no pain, no BRAIN.

The brain does not speak English, or at least this is what I tell my clients. It is important to know that no two people interpret pain the same.

The brain is a complicated super computer that is faced with several traumatic and non-traumatic stressors that affect your body.  They can be mental, physical, hormonal or environmental, but all of these pains should be considered.

It is through a whole body approach that we will help aide in healing chronic conditions that may not have surfaced until something traumatic has occurred. If we only focus on the painful area we are missing the true cause and root of the problem, which is where the issue originated.

A holistic mindset in order to treat and receive individualized care is the primary driving factor of our view on physical therapy.

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