Neck pain

Neck pain -

Neck pain after sleeping….

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The reasons for stiffness in the neck:

  • Do you have too much stress at home or work?
  • Have you over-exerted yourself with a workout or weekend chores?
  • Or are you are on the forefront of a cold?
  • What about the scenario where you were overly tired and you fell asleep in a strange position?

All of these may be part of the reason you have some pain in your neck when you wake up.

Breathing can change your pain for the better

I work on teaching people how to realign their body naturally and inviting the soreness temporarily in order to make long lasting changes with your body position. Aligning your core will allow you to move and absorb shock or stress a bit easier than with a body that is in a “stuck” position.


Correct the source

  • Stress relief is important for all aspects of a healthy lifestyle
  • Inflammatory diet – choosing foods that will decrease inflammation will help you get through your stiffness
  • Increasing water intake dramatically helps with recovery
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, breathing will help reposition your body and allow for the natural changes your body WANTS to achieve.

Alignment of the Spine

The spine has 3 natural curves in the neck, mid back and lower back. Without proper positioning throughout the time you are lying in the bed, stiffness and poor postural habits may be reinforced simply by your breathing. It is important to be mindful of the head and neck position. A pillow is often a quick switch that may correct your alignment and prevent future neck stiffness.

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Check out this link for my recommendation for the pillow I use.

Some quick tips

1. Keep moving

It is important to keep moving, the body is meant to MOVE, if you have stiffness, slowly and continuously move your head and neck in a range that you can tolerate in order to decrease the duration the “stiffness” may last.

Not only moving your HEAD, but exercising will help decrease your neck pain.


  • Get back into your routine
  • Start slow
  • Exercises that involve hands and knees ON THE FLOOR or plank position will help decrease stress on the neck

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2. See a specialist

Take action into your own hands by addressing the source. Deanna Elliott, PT, DPT helps give you the tools to assist with re-aligning your body on your own.

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