Myths About Your Metabolism

Myths About Your Metabolism -

Healthy metabolism

Maybe you have been struggling to lose weight and have tried a handful of diets with no success. It’s important to understand the inter workings of your metabolism in order to maintain sustainable results.

Here are some myths about your metabolism…

More exercise will help me lose weight – FALSE

Over-exercising will actually help you achieve the exact opposite. In fact, extreme exercise puts unnecessary stress on your body causing it to stay in the state of “fight or flight.”

Thinner people have a faster metabolism – FALSE

Being thin doesn’t always mean that your body is healthy. You can have be in a chronic state of inflammation or lacking appropriate lean body mass needed to keep your body in balance.

Eating a very low-calorie diet is a great way to lose weight- FALSE

Eating less calories in fact puts your body into a state of stress and fight or flight. This is when your body begins to store fat to prepare for the next famine. You are signaling to your body that you might not be able to obtain the next meal.


What Can We Do With Our Metabolism Now?

In order to reset your metabolism, it is really important to optimize your internal metabolism, your gut microbiome and your lifestyle habits. Starting with these 3 key components will help you jumpstart your metabolism. But the real way truly heal comes from within.

Exercise: can help build lean body mass and increase your metabolic rate. It is recommended to utilize 15-20 minutes of moderate intensity weight lifting into your daily routine.

Diet: Your food plan that incorporates high quality fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and phytonutrients will allow your body to optimize your gut health and restore balance.

Sleep: Probably the most important component of the metabolism. Maximizing restorative deep sleep will allow you to prevent releasing of excess cortisol. Aim for around 7-9 hours.

Diving deep into GI testing

We use the GI MAP to optimize overall health of the microbiome. It plays a huge role in the effects of a diet, digestion, immune health and metabolic and neuroendocrine function. By testing your GI health we can get to the root cause of chronic illness and begin to rebuild a healthy immune system and metabolism that works for you.

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