What’s in a Shoe?

What’s in a Shoe? -

Are shoes really that important?

Having good shoe support is more important than most of us think. 

The calcaneous or heel bone is the one of the primary supporting points of the foot. Without a stable foot, it can create issues up to the pelvis and lower back.

First, let’s look at the foot.

  1. Decreased dorsiflexion (ability to bring foot up away from the ground), produces more dominance with the quadriceps (thigh muscles). This can lead to an overloading of the hamstrings.
  2. Quadriceps dominance, assists with anteriorly tipped pelvis (NOT GOOD).  

The most powerful sources that drives the body are the trunk and hips, but without the proper proper position of the calcaneous, the body is at a mechanical disadvantage from on the first step.



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