Gut Health

A happy life starts WITHIN your gut! We help re-balance, restore and heal your gut health for good. Getting to the root of your issues will help you return to YOUR life.

Food is our well-being, our livelihood and how we make our social connections. But we as a nation are trending more toward chronic disease and the research is strong with the connection to food and our toxic exposures across our lifetime.

Heal from the INSIDE OUT

Inflammatory foods are those that are toxic to your body. In other words, foods that cause extra work for your body. If your body cannot recognize a foreign food it sets off a cascade of events that triggers your immune system to start fighting.

The natural response to a foreign object or pathogen is NORMAL! But if you live in a state of inflammation, consume inflammatory foods, are surrounded by toxic people and relationships, your body will CONSTANTLY initiate this cascade of events to defend of enemies. This gets tiring for your body at a CELLULAR level.

Too much work means something in your body will eventually wear down or break down. Stress is a HUGE player when it comes to inflammation, disrupting hormones and impairing gut health. Anti-inflammatory eating and living education is one of the avenues of healing offered at Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness LLC. We focus on getting down to the root cause rather than treating the symptoms. Regain your life. And give your body a “reset” on your health.

4-Week Gut Check Program

The 4-Week Gut Check Program is designed to:
  • Help heal your pain
  • Reduce bloating
  • Track your symptoms
  • Decrease your toxic burden within your body

Eliminating our inflammation is something that we can do without intervention. Heal yourself from within. Learn how to create an environment within your body that allows you to start optimizing your body’s ability to heal naturally.

Yes! I want to sign up for the 4-Week Gut Check Program

14-Week Delux Gut Rehab Program

This 14-week Personalized Program will incorporate a timeline that is specific to YOU.

Included with the plan:
  • 5 in-person appointments
  • DNA life lab testing
  • CSAPx2 for Gut Health
  • 1 Physical Evaluation (including BMI, height, weight, MSQ, BP, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, nail and tongue assessment)
  • 5 follow up re-assessments (similar to the initial Physical Evaluation)
  • 6-weeks of specific food plan (including recipes)
  • Grocery list
  • Supplementation for your specific needs.
  • Exercise Prescription Goals
  • Click here for the FULL PLAN

We will generate a timeline and prescribe exercise, food modifications and supplements dependent on your unique needs and goals. I will help you create a safe environment for each client to find their body’s natural balance, restore awareness, prevent injury and improve overall health.

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