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All the Tools Needed to increase your energy, restore your balance and improve your immune system for life.

Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition only to be told that there is nothing you can do about it?

OR you have been told that it is a lifelong condition and you have no choice but to take medication for the rest of your life?

And those medications have side effects that are worse than your current symptoms. This leaves you asking yourself WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

Sign up for “The Mommy Metabolism Makeover”, a foundational interactive program like nothing you have ever experienced.  Where you can eat with a purpose, lose unwanted fat, reset your metabolism, and boost your immune system without spending your whole life on an elimination diet or living without your favorite foods forever.

Yes! I Want to Heal My Body

The Truth About Why Are Still Struggling

Guess what! They are not telling you all the information!

In the US our system is set up to manage our symptoms, which keeps us guessing rather than looking deeper into our health.

But don’t worry it’s not their fault, or even your fault! The providers have their hands full with insurance regulations, work load demands and overloaded schedules with patients wanting more than just a prescription to make their symptoms go away. They just don’t have time to research or provide “upstream” care looking for root cause treatments.

Which is why you must become your own advocate for your health. And if you don’t get all of the information to build a successful program to optimize your success, you will continue to shoot in the dark and continue to guess your way through life.

There is nothing more powerful than knowledge and pushing forward with what is important to you.

You Can’t Guess And Expect Results

With traditional lab testing, you can be classified in only a positive or negative category. There is no “in between.”

But it is EXACTLY that “in-between” grey area that is called the sub clinical phase or “pre-diagnosis” phase where you can still be symptomatic, but not symptomatic enough to qualify for a “diagnosis.”

The sub clinical phase is actually the most important period of time to start healing. A time to start reversing symptoms. We can do that by diving deep into your genetics.

Nutrigenomics is the the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention and treatment of disease.

YES! We can actually figure out how to up-regulate or down-regulate how our genes express and create a lifestyle that will heal those chronic conditions.

The Truth Is…

You can prevent autoimmunity and heal from those conditions. It’s because every single person on the planet is different and you absolutely deserve a different perspective to healing.

And this is EXACTLY what we do in the Metabolism Makeover Program.

We take an extensive look at all things that define you. We look into your health history over a lifetime, really listen to your needs and expand on your goals. We will map out triggers that have fueled those symptoms over the years and begin treat those triggers.

We also include comprehensive testing  that allows us to stop guessing and begin to look at the whole picture. No more wasted time at the doctor’s offices. The labs allow you to dive into all areas of health, specifically your gut health, nutrient deficiencies, digestion, liver detoxification, hormones, vitamin requirements, along with your DNA.

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Here’s What’s Inside Waiting For You When You Join

Treatment plans involve personalized diet, exercise, sleep hygiene and supplementation protocol. Our goal is to help you restore balance and achieve confidence in overall wellbeing.

  • Interpretation of 2 functional labs.
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track.
  • Identify body symptoms to food.
  • Detailed food plan depending on your DNA.
  • 2 in-person or zoom calls.
  • Facebook Group for support.
  • Progressive and restorative exercise plan.
  • A health advocate for support.
  • Develop a daily process for your life. 
  • Develop a sustainable process needed for your health. 
  • Access to a client portal that is HIPPA compliant, easy to use phone app.

Program includes education, lots and lots of education. Identifying old habits and making a strategic plan will only help capitalize on your success.

And if you already know you want some coaching guidance…

I’m starting another round of

Metabolism Makeover Program

September 2021

A 14-week one-on-one coaching experience where every week you will receive new modules dedicated to slowly integrate a new way of eating, exercising, detoxing, optimizing household cleaners and reducing your toxic load within your body. You will have a chance to dial in your specific questions and action plan with your personal zoom calls.

Why 14-weeks?

3 main reasons…

  1. There is no such thing as a “quick fix.” We can identify your food triggers over the first 4 weeks as you continue to heal.
  2. Creating lifestyle habit changes takes time and so do the detail-oriented lab results.
  3. Integrating changes slowly over time is much more successful than giving you a list of 100 things to change on day one.

But you’ll get multiple individual 1:1 calls to celebrate your wins, identify your needs, refocus any challenge that needs our attention. 

Week 1-2: Define Your Next 3-Months: Complete intake forms, order labs, complete a food journal, get started with the elimination food plan.

Week 3-4: Challenge Your Food: After 21 days, re-introducing foods will allow you to identify the body symptoms associated with food you eliminated.

Week 5-7: Lab interpretation: Re-assess body composition, stomach acid challenge, identify nutrient deficiencies with a food-first approach.

Week 8-9: Sleep Hygiene and Stress: A full overhaul on sleep hygiene, with specific how-to optimize room, routine and relaxation practices will help you find balance with your nerves. Tips on how to re-direct stress and utilize breathing techniques to relax your system.

Week 10-12: Exercise & DNA: Finding the exact amount of exercise by testing your DNA will allow you to dive deep into a strength and conditioning or a restorative program needed for you to continue to restore balance.

Week 12-14: Dial in your Hormones: At this point hormone assessment may be needed as your gut health continues to improve. Learn how to optimize Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver Detoxification with a lifestyle and food-first approach.

What Others Are Saying

“Deanna at Centered Physical Therapy is absolutely fabulous! I had been through multiple rounds of physical therapy at other places but could not find a long-term solution to my shoulder pain. Deanna has given me new tools that have improved my posture and breathing, as well as helping me manage daily stressors. I also did her 14-week gut rehab program and can’t recommend her or her programs enough!! You won’t regret choosing her services!!”

– Ann Hitchcock

“I came to Deanna with a  frozen shoulder and over the course of a few on this she helped me regain full range of motion without pain. As a physician all too familiar with the ‘standard of care,’ I deeply appreciate Deanna’s holistic approach as she sifts through the mental, emotional and physical layers to understand and treat the root causes of impairment. Deanna is a gift.”

– Dr. Amy Brown

All the Tools Needed to Create the Body of Your Dreams

The complete step-by-step process needed to create the body of your dreams so you can care for your family, exercise and eat without having the belly bloat or the unwanted gas when you have dinner out with your family.

Yes! I want to feel good in my own skin.

Why continue to struggle when there is a solution that is waiting for you?

I’ve helped several women re-establish a baseline of health, eliminate medication, optimize sleep and exercise routine and return to a healthy lifestyle where they are not counting macros or measuring food and now it’s your turn!

Over the years I’ve seen so many smart women lose sight of their goals because they were guided down the wrong path of healing.

And it prevents them from completely recovering from (said ailment).

Which means that if you decide to make a change for the long run, then you are choosing the hard path of disease.

It makes me sad to see women fall for the ‘cheap programs’ with incomplete information and recommendations for more exercise and more food restriction. Hear me when I say, there is another way! In fact, the other way is much more effective and sustainable than adding more stress to your life.

The Mommy Metabolism Makeover may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get real results with all the suppport and accountability that you need to turn your small investment into huge benefits for the future. This investment will literally pay you back for the rest of your life.

So tell me…are you in?

Join the full program and you’ll get all of the information needed to transform your metabolism, optimize your immune system and create a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

When you invest in The Mommy Metabolism Makeover you will get access to:

  • A step-by-step process to help you create the basis for foundational health
  • 14-weeks of weekly emails and modules to get you started and keep you accountable
  • One-on-one calls with me to dive deep into your test results and questions to help you succeed.
  • You will build confidence in your food choices
  • Begin enjoying social outings and pizza night without the anxiety of “falling off the bandwagon”
  • Eliminate guilt associated with food choices and the stress of counting calories
  • Finally reclaim the balance in your life

Throughout our time together, you will be able to identify and strengthen your foundational habits needed for a lasting healthy metabolism, gain confidence in eating real food that supports your immune system and allow you to lose the unwanted body fat for good.

Your Success Is Inevitable

I’m so certain that everything you need to create the body of your dreams and create a successful sustainable lifestyle that I am willing to take on all the risk. When you sign up today, and when you do the work, show up to the calls, and ask for support but still find that this program is not giving you the tools you need to be successful then you have a chance to ask for your money back. **With the exception of the labs and 1:1 consultation time.

So you have a choice!

You can continue to keep doing what you’re doing, try diet after diet, throw some weights around at the gym and take some supplements that may help you feel better OR you can do it the fast way with all the accountability and support a that you need to create the body of your dreams so you can enjoy the better things in life.

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About Your Coach

Dr. Deanna Elliott, PT, DPT, PRCA mom, turned Physical Therapist, who decided Functional Medicine was the way of the future and shifted gears to focus her attention to growing her own self-sustaining cashed-based PT business in less than 2-years all while healing herself from what other practitioners would say was “a normal part of being a mom.”

Hi, I’m Deanna, and when I first became a Physical Therapist more than 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. But as my career continued to grow, I wanted more than anything to give people the tools needed to help themselves. Functional Medicine transformed my lifestyle and I stopped needing the help from those in the medical field who were quick to hand out a medication. Instead I was able to transform my own lifestyle and now I am using my powers for good.

When I got up the courage to get certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I decided I wanted more than anything was to get the message out into the world that there is a better way of healing. A deeper way. A longer lasting way.

And over the years, I’ve noticed that women who workout the most, measure their food, and skip sleep to exercise are those who are missing out on the most vital component of true health….balance.

I’m on a mission to help smart and resourceful mothers regain their normalcy as they continue to care for their children, prepare for another pregnancy or add another chapter to their life that they deserve.

Your Questions Here

How is the program delivered?

All of the content will be slowly delivered to you over the course of the 14-weeks utilizing a HIPPA compliant program called Get Healthie

What if I don’t use Facebook?

You don’t have to use the community as part of your program. You can still have 100% success without the community. The calls will also be utilized through the Get Healthie account.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access.

Does my insurance cover this program?

No. This is purely a cashed-based program that incorporates functional lab testing and 1:1 calls.

4-Week Gut Check Program

The 4-Week Gut Check Program is designed to:
  • Help heal your pain
  • Reduce bloating
  • Track your symptoms
  • Decrease your toxic burden within your body

Eliminating our inflammation is something that we can do without intervention. Heal yourself from within. Learn how to create an environment within your body that allows you to start optimizing your body’s ability to heal naturally.

Yes! I want to sign up for the 4-Week Gut Check Program
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