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Well Within Program

A program designed to personalize your food plan, exercise, gut health along with your hormones based on your genetic tests and your GI map. We can uncover hidden secrets in your DNA and discover what might be lurking in your intestines with a stool test.

Do you have a gut feeling like I did?

Back in 2015-2018, I had unexplainable pain and inflammation that my doctors, therapist and other providers could not explain. In fact, when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I couldn’t wear my wedding ring from the moment I peed on that stick. I was inflamed, my cycle was off (it was a miracle I was able to conceive), and I was miserable. All my doctors said it was just allergies and to cut out dairy.

Without any questions specific to my needs, I sought out my own path. One that I could allow me to get to the bottom of all of this discomfort. Through some lab tests I was able to finally uncover what was really going on.

This is what I had inside my gut! I was able to see first hand that I had unwanted guests inside my gut. Parasites, bacteria and a big one for me was streptococcus bacteria so high that explained why I got strep throat every 1-2 years.

Functional Medicine has helped heal and improve my health in ways I didn’t even know was possible. I cycle regularly, I have zero joint pain, my brain fog is gone and I was able to heal enough to have another baby. Today I help moms prepare their bodies in ways that allow them to function in an optimized way without being more restrictive in their diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Deanna Elliott

This program allows you to stop guessing and test specifically for YOUR needs.

Imagine yourself three months from now…how would you feel if you could:

Have a great relationship with food

Not have acne at 30+ years old

Feel good in your body

Not be a slave to your cycle

Exercise because you want to

Have the energy to play with your kids after a full day

How it works:

In order to start living the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of—things have to change. I can help you do that.

What clients are saying...

what type of labs do you do?

Here are details on the two main types of tests we run to learn more about what’s going on with YOUR specific body.

GI Map


The GI map shows some insight into what is going inside your gastrointestinal tract. With this test, it will reveal potential parasites, inflammatory bacteria, autoimmune related bacteria, digestive difficulties. Although, this is not a diagnostic test, we can work to balance your gut from the inside out and many of your symptoms can be resolved from within.

This sample is collected from the privacy of your own home with a test kit that comes straight to your house. You will be given specific instructions on how to return the sample via mail.

**Recommendation for sending sample is before Tuesday during the week as they are sent internationally.



We order a 5 combo DNA test and the report is broken down into details that help us outline the best way to create a lifestyle plan with food, supplements, exercise and stress management specific to you.

The 5 Combo DNA tests that we start with include: DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Sport, DNA Estrogen, DNA Mind.

The DNA Health Report has specific information about your overall health and how the biological processes are affecting your health. We use these tables and genetic SNPs to uncover a few missing pieces that will allow us to build a very specific plan to help you feel well within.

The genetic testing is a blood sample that can be collected in the comfort of your home.

let’s heal your whole body so you can feel Well Within

This personalized program is 4 months and includes:


I also offer a standalone DNA Health Assessment that only includes the 5-Combo DNA test. This test provides us with information about your body’s deficiencies, hormone pathways and even specific exercises that work best for your body. The assessment includes the at-home test, DNA life report, custom protocol recommendations, and a private call with Deanna.

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