5 Habits that are Hurting YOU

5 Habits that are Hurting YOU -

We are asymmetrical, which means that we are NOT the same on both sides 

Repetitive habits and motions will lead to compensation and eventually pain or injury. ?

5 Common Faulty Habits that HURT your body:

? Standing on the same leg all the time 
? Sleeping on the same side
? Always crossing legs in one way when sitting 
? Carrying purse or child on the same shoulder
? Rotating trunk to the side of the non-dominant arm (i.e. moving trunk left when you are right handed) **this happens when reaching for things or unloading dishwasher 

Be #mindful with how you move and make a change. Diversify how your body moves is the aim of the game. ?

Try this instead:

  1. Pay attention to how you stand. Most of us stand with out knees locked and on the right leg….why? Because it is easy and the body likes to take the path of least resistance. (Keeping both feet on the ground) Try shifting your weight to your left leg for a whole day and see how you feel.
  2. Sleeping is a tough one to change because we all lack sleep in general. But try placing a pillow under your side while you are on your side. This will help align your spine. Also the pillow between the knees and ankles lengthwise helps support the weight of the leg and take the weight off of the hips.
  3. Cross Right over Left if you are going to cross your legs. If you cross left over right then you are back to number 1 on our list.
  4. Heavy bags, backpacks or children can intensify our painful areas. Especially if we revert to the same side all the time. Alternate sides so you can counteract the overuse.
  5. Rotating toward the non-donimant side, which is often reaching with your right arm toward the left side of your body, can add to neck pain, midback pain and weakness. As my 3 1/2 year old says try an “opposite day.” Use your left arm to reach for things complete your daily tasks.

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