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frequently asked questions

I do not bill insurance. By diving into the root of the problem, we detach the diagnosis and help heal the entire body as a whole.

I am a self-pay (cash, HSA, credit card, or check), solo healthcare provider that offers premium one-on-one care for my clients.

By not participating with insurers I am able to provide you the high quality treatment you need and deserve—not what insurance models dictate.

Once scheduled, you will receive an email with a secure link to create a profile through Practice Better. You will be invited to fill out your paperwork before the date of your appointment, so I can go over the details beforehand.

Initial Session: Will include a thorough movement assessment, health history and a systematic approach to addressing your entire body.

What to wear: On your first visit please wear workout clothes and something less restrictive as I want to assess your movement abilities.

Follow up sessions: Typical follow up sessions will be less frequent than traditional therapy. Often our treatment protocol accommodates a busy schedule, so often I see you once or twice a month. This allows your body to keep the changes that we are trying to make for good.

Shoes: Your feet are an integrated part of your program and vital to progressing successfully through your healing journey. Usually on 2nd or 3rd visit, we fit you for a specific PRI shoe that will allow your entire system to create more mobility and freedom just by lacing up a pair of shoes. Upon evaluation, I will give specific recommendations for your body and feet needs. Hruska Shoe List.

Additional Support:

  • For those who purchase the Healing and the VIP packages, they will receive additional support via emails for mini check-ins as well as portal messenger support.
  • For those who purchase the Grounding Package please use info@centeredphysicaltherapy.com for additional questions and have your questions ready for your next visit.

Virtual clients are my favorite for a number of reasons.

#1 It blows their mind how easy working remotely can be.

#2 I am excellent at meeting my clients where they are and creating a program just for their needs.

#3 I have some clients that even use their phone (although not ideal), which is still beneficial because it fits into their tight schedule.

Yes! I see clients in person at my office locally in the beautiful Rogue Valley (Grants Pass, OR).

While working with pregnant and postpartum moms is one of my favorite things—I see moms at all stages of life, as well as others seeking help.

Developed by the Postural Restoration Institute, this technique helps you re-pattern your nervous system and address pain globally in order to get down to the root cause of the issue. Learn more at https://www.posturalrestoration.com/

Unlike traditional therapy that usually addresses one particular area of the body, I help you create a holistic restorative plan that addresses all of your unconnected symptoms. 

I regularly see people who have tried all the things and are still struggling with body pains. Unlike traditional therapy that usually sees you 2x a week for 12 weeks for one particular area of the body, I create a holistic restorative plan that addresses that shoulder, knee and back all at the same time. 

I care about my clients and want them to experience the results I know are possible for them. That is why my 3-session program is the minimum commitment to work with me (with an exception for Breech Baby consultations) as this work is a process and re-training your body takes time. Trust the journey and enjoy the ride!

Head over to the contact page and submit your question or email me at: info@centeredphysicaltherapy.com