Defined by our habits

Defined by our habits -

We spend our day taking 20,000 + breathes a day at rest. This is amazing. But did you know that the breathing pattern we produce can either hurt us or help us?

Breathing changes our posture….

or was it

Posture changes our breathing?

It makes sense if you don’t think about it. Haha. Wait a minute, let me explain. Most of us have watched some kind of sporting event right? Let’s take a fast break down the basketball court for a quick score and a lay-up or a long run after a receiver catches a pass and runs it into the end-zone for a touchdown. Even though they are in good shape, they often bend down and place their hands on their knees to catch their breath.

Why is that?

The NEED to breathe is the bottom line. In this case, they literally need to alter their posture in order to maximize recovery. Pointing out that they changed their posture in order to improve their breathing and decrease their heart rate and respiratory rate quickly was the ultimate goal.

Sounds simple enough

Most of us never think of it this way or that any of our habits that we do over a lifetime can contribute to our painful patterns.

But it does…


Have you ever noticed if you sit, stand, sleep, hold the phone, hold the baby, unload the dishwasher or drive? It is most likely the same position or motion that has been compounded by decades.

Remember the number breaths we take a day?

Each breath is recruiting a different set up muscles in the body to help get the air in. That’s like doing 20,000 of the same exercise in one day, could you imagine doing 20,000 repetitions of anything?

Over time, this pattern creates tension and stiffness that will ensure some kind of compensation.

I want to invite you to to pay attention to your habits during in your day. Have you ever thought that it was the habits that have compounded your injury?

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Watch the video below for a tip on crossing your legs  and how it can change your pain.

Is this a good habit for you OR a bad one?

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