Daily Habits Shape Our Lives

Daily Habits Shape Our Lives -

How Habits Shape Our Lives

A habit is a routine or behavior that is performed regularly and in many cases…automatically.

Why do small habits make a big difference?

It is so easy to underestimate the value of small gains. Often we convince ourselves that it requires massive action to make massive changes.

When in fact the opposite is true. Improving by a fraction of a percent isn’t noteworthy, but the cumulative effect can be life altering.

For example, as noted by James Clear who wrote “Atomic Habits.” If you improve 1 percent daily for a year, you will end up 37 times better than when you started. In 5 years, you would have improved 185 times!!

Unfortunately, we dismiss our small changes, because if we eat salads for a week we are still over weight, or if we are consistent with our exercise program days or weeks, we still might be out of shape. If the results do not come quickly, then we often give up and slide back into the “easy way.”

It is easier to walk down hill than it is to trudge up the hill.

Focusing on doing 1 percent better each day and it will add up to so many moments over a course of a lifetime. Those moments will be the difference between perspective, health, wealth and performance.
You completely get what you repeat. Would you like to repeat minor almost invisible victories or slide down the hill because that is “what you have always done?”

If I haven’t made my point yet…Here is an analogy for you. Did you know that it takes 5 years for bamboo to build an extensive root system under ground before exploding several feet into the air within six weeks.

I would recommend focusing on building your roots deep to find that foundation you have dreamed about. Then what opens up for you? Literally, the sky is the limit.

Some of the first fundamental habits I focus on in my program include.

  1. Blocking time for daily exercises
  2. Food journaling to increase diversity for the gut health
  3. The perfect setup for supplementation regimen
  4. Bedtime regimen for restorative sleep
  5. Guilt free support for emotional struggles
  6. Accountability for acknowledging what season of life you currently in


Foundational Posture Program

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Learn the basics needed to have more energy, more endurance, better sleep, less nagging body aches. Get the tools needed to create more freedom in your life for the things you love.

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It might not be the food that is making you keep on that stubborn weight. How would you know if you actually started testing?

  • STOP trading gym time away from your family.
  • Create a consistent foundational program needed to get you body back to working FOR you instead of against you.

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