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Digital Courses & Guides

To help more moms—no matter their resources—I've created these courses and guides to help you improve your birth and day-to-day life.

Busy Mom Healing Program

The only program of it’s kind teaching moms how to leverage the POWER OF THEIR BREATH to heal their bodies without adding more to their to-do list.

Body Balancing Program

This program will teach how to off-load unwanted stress without serious commitment. By raising your awareness and implementing simple habits.

Better Birthing Guide

This guide is designed to help you learn a gentle way to support mama and baby during the birthing process. With helpful positions, tips for birthing partner you will be well on your way to having the birth of your dreams.

Breech Baby Guide

Understanding the connections to body tensions, previous injuries, unconscious habits an the relationship between your pelvic floor and your diaphragm, you will be able to release those anxieties and create more room for baby to turn head down on their own.