Choose Physical Therapy for your Arthritis…

Choose Physical Therapy for your Arthritis… -

Understanding the role core strength: Decrease your arthritis

In the body there are 3 types of structure categories.

  1. Passive – which are the spinal column, ligaments and fascia
  2. Active – which are the muscles needed to engage and motor control
  3. Neurological – which is the brain’s ability to coordinate the muscles while doing a functional task

If we just rely on the passive structures, then gravity and the compressive forces in any static position only partially hold us upright. Making it unbearable to tolerate for long periods of time.

The necessity of the active structures is apparent

Without proper muscle control both from having some muscle tone to coordinating it with the brain the body is prone to multiple injuries, increased shearing and compression. This may lead to degeneration, herniated discs and other back pain.

The same holds true with your hip muscles. Weaker hip muscles will lead to knee arthritis and more demand placed on your back when completing any task needed throughout your day.

Core Position Matters

Restoring your core and targeting your hip musculature can dramatically change your posture and the “true core.” With the coordination of the breath, you can actually modify your posture and begin to restore the muscles needed to hold you upright.

Let’s think about it this way…

If your body is fully extended and “hanging on your ligaments” with no muscle control, then the amount of arthritis and imperfect “rubbing” or compression of your joints would dramatically increase, right?

These ligaments can be thought of as rubber bands.  If we hang something heavy on a rubber band and leave it for an extended amount of time, the rubber band will begin to crack, lose its elasticity and eventually break.  If we can take the ‘dead’ weight off of the rubber band, it will not break down as quickly.

People diagnosed with osteoarthritis, should consider seeing a Physical Therapist for a comprehensive treatment program.

Mechanically Speaking…

Restoring the true core is the most important thing to complete, that will protect your joints from the shearing forces that you place upon it throughout your day.

Physiologically Speaking…

Restoring your gut health will allow you to absorb what you should within your day and allow you to decrease the likelihood of degenerating those joints from what you eat in a day.

Causes of inflammation:

  • Stress
  • Poor food habits (Standard American Diet)
  • Environmental toxins (pesticides, smoke, cleaning chemicals, paint, etc)

How to reduce inflammation

  • Increase sleep/rest
  • Increase phytonutrients (the rainbow colored food)
  • Exercise – get rid of the oxidative stress within your body
  • Hydrate – dilute the pollution.



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