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Busy Mom Healing Guide

The only program of it's kind teaching moms how to leverage the POWER OF THEIR BREATH to heal their bodies without adding more to their to-do list.

As a MOM, when it comes to healing your body, life seems to get in the way.

How many of these have you experienced?

It’s easy to push your aches and pains to the side because you do not feel like you have time or the energy to work on yourself when the kids, sports, meals and chores take up all of your time. 

So, is it really possible to heal your body WITHOUT adding more to your "to-do list?"


“I didn't have to change my routine."

I have suffered from migraines for years, I never would have guessed that my breathing had altered the alignment of my pelvis and my ribcage and this was causing my headaches. Deanna has given me knowledge about my body that has been life-changing! Her wisdom has springboarded me into learning more about my body and I am forever grateful.  

— Anna 

Can you relate to any of these?

Those online programs can only get me so far before I injure myself or my kids get busy with other activities and they seem impossible.

I don’t really have much time to give already. Even though I need to, I do not see how it’s possible do start another thing.

Going to an office for treatment sounds like so much work, especially if I have the kids with me. I wish someone would give me some tools on what to do on my own.

What would it look like if you could heal your body without adding more to your to-do list?

It would be built from a mother's perspective...

A healing plan that had you in mind. What if instead you had a healing plan that was focused on real-life situations, from the perspective of what a mother needs. A healing plan where you could focus on yourself WHILE you were playing Legos on the ground or unloading the dishwasher and prepping for dinner. 

A program that IS a daily routine of “day-in-a-life-a-mother.” 

The only program of it's kind teaching moms how to leverage the
to heal their bodies.

Here's How We Are Going To Do It!

I’m going to teach you how to BREATHE. 

The solution to your healing is addressing your breathing imbalances while you are in your daily routine and in real life situations. Imagine incorporating a few moves with your breath to help you release those aches and pains in your body. 

  • It’s more than just being mindful, it’s about leveraging your breath to balance your pelvis while you pick up dirty laundry.
  • It’s about leveraging your breath to release tension from your shoulders and neck when you are in the school pickup line.
  • It’s about healing your pelvic floor while you are watching your kids play at the park.  


We breathe 25,000 times a day at rest and when those breaths are leveraged appropriately, your entire system releases unwanted tension inside your body. 


How do I know? I used to be in your shoes...

Hi! I'm Deanna...

I am a mom, who happens to be a Physical Therapist and used to struggle with body pains daily. I used to push my aches and pains aside because I didn’t have the time and all the doctors told me it was normal for a woman of my age with kids!! So I spent years struggling. But guess what, I found a solution! And I am excited to share it with YOU!

There is something magical that happens when a woman feels good in her body. She comes alive and has the world at her fingertips. I want to share some life-changing things that will help your body heal. 


Here are a few things I used to struggle with before I learned how to heal my body through breath…

This is why I created this Healing Guide for Moms. A program that is rooted in breath that doesn’t disrupt your schedule, because let’s face it. You really do not have a lot of extra time to give. 

The missing piece of your healing journey might be your breath...

The Healing Guide Promise:

Let's make it possible for you too

I’m so excited to introduce you to:

The Busy Mom Healing Guide

This is the mini routine that fits INTO your life. The Busy Mom Healing Guide is a never before seen program that allows you to incorporate healing exercises and activities into your everyday routines for an easier way to start living energized and pain-free!

What's Included:

The connection between the Pelvic Floor and Ribcage

Deep dive into the relationship between how the rib cage and the pelvic floor synchronize. When you know the WHY, it is more relatable to your own needs. 

VIDEOS: "How-To" balance your body while you complete your daily chores

Find time to ground while doing your daily chores.  It might seem simple, but the body/brain is constantly looking for a sense of safety. If you give a sense of safety (grounding) multiple times a day, the body becomes accustomed to that feeling and will begin to make it second nature. 

Learn some vital tools to help you heal your body

Just imagine how it will feel to finally live pain-free in your body!

Picking up your kids without back pain or enjoying a road trip without anxiety trapped inside your body because you finally have the tools. Yes, YOU have the power to leverage your own breath to release the sh*t you do not need. And you can do it without adding more to your “to-do” list or running to an appointment.

You can see results like this:

"These breathing tips are AMAZING!"

I am sore from my neck to my glutes, the stretch I was looking for. I have a 10 minute commute to work, so I can easily complete my routine before and after work! It’s AMAZING, thank you. 


“I never would have thought BREATHING was a workout!”

What’s strange is I’m sore, although I haven’t been doing much more than normal. I’m sore like I have been working out. Maybe I’m using different muscles than I am used to? But it’s a good sore and I have more stamina for doing things for longer periods of time. And I’m having a lot less pain, especially in my lower back. 

– Happy client

“I'm releasing emotions stored in my body!"

As you said, those emotions I’m holding onto might start to release. That’s happening. Haha. Wasn’t expecting that to happen so soon, but I guess it’s time to work on those issues. I feel more open on my right side and can breathe a bit better. I felt like I slept better too, more solid, even with the baby waking up a lot. And I didn’t have that claustrophobic feeling for the first time last night. 

– Tara 

What you get inside The Busy Mom Healing Guide:

In the Car or the School Pick up Line

Hello multi-tasking mama! Instead of scrolling on your phone, dive into a deep sense of peace by harnessing your breath while sitting in the car. Give yourself 5 minutes before the chaos of the afternoon begins!

In the Bed: A Nightly Routine (5 mins or less)

You DO NOT have to skip your nightly reading…release the stress and tension you have accumulated over the day with these few breathing techniques. Keep it simple.

At the Park with your Kids

The park is one of the best places to release tension out of your body…if you dare to play a little bit. Here is a gentle suggestion for your body to let go of unwanted tightness and pain. Leverage your breath and feel strong, so you can get them out of that swing. 

Amazing right? Here’s how to join me:


for one-time payment of


This could be you...

“She taught me how to breathe properly!”

Deanna taught me how to practically integrate these things into my day-to-day life as a homeschooling mom.  She has given me knowledge about my body that is life-changing! 

— Anna

“She gave me things I can incorporate into my day”

I feel results and the exercises are easy things I can incorporate into my day. I can fix my body and live a more comfortable and pain-free life. I’m sore and tired from her breathing exercises and stretches. 

— Alex 

Questions? I have answers...

Answer: If you have a specific injury you need to work on, please book a discovery call with me. This program is NOT to be used as a replacement for medical advice. 

Sign up for 1:1 Services 


The coursework will be available forever.

There is no a better time than now.

Take advantage of this opportunity to address your pain from the comfort of your own home.  A program designed to specifically help give busy moms the power to heal their bodies without giving up any of their current routines.

It’s the best of both worlds, learning something new in the environment you have already created. No additional babysitters, no choice between doing laundry or working out. 

Fit it into your life and watch your body melt away the unwanted pain. 

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