Breathing and Increasing Mobility

Breathing and Increasing Mobility -

Breathing and the WHOLE BODY connection…

Breathing is HUGE in the world of Posture! And it is more than just getting air IN and OUT.

The body has 3 natural curves that allow us to absorb movement and acts as a shock absorber for any activities that we may participate in during the day.

If those curves are not ideal, then the rest of the body has to correct for the limitations and we begin to feel stiffness in multiple areas.

Often we see a very extended person who has OVER corrected and created a INCREASED lower back curve.

This also creates elevated anterior ribs in the front, and a FLAT thoracic spine or midback. In this position we are now UNDER utilizing our “TRUE CORE” position with the diaphragm.

This posture may have been accentuated because of the previous athletic history or even women having babies OR BOTH.

The diaphragm is a very powerful respiratory muscle, it allows us to get air in, BUT when it is not allowed to work in the space that is most efficient with the ribs down, (TRUE CORE) THEN the body has to look elsewhere to create that level of inhalation.


Take a DEEP breath in.


Do you find your shoulders wanting to help? How about your head and neck?


These are signs that you are underutilizing your true core (aka your diaphragm) and the natural curves of your spine NEED to be restored.

The postural restoration approach is something that Deanna specializes in and can help you “RESTORE YOUR CORE,” while addressing multiple painful sites.

Restore your TRUE CORE with Deanna and address your pain today for a less painful tomorrow! “Breathe yourself into alignment.”

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