Having trouble pooping?

Having trouble pooping? -

Breathing and Bowels…What does breathing have to do with my pooping?

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates our sympathetic “fight or flight” or parasympathetic “rest and digest” response within our body.


For example, this system is the one that helps you decide if you are going to stand up to the 300-pound grizzly bear and hold your ground or you decide to relax and digest your food. If you decide to rest and digest your food at this point YOU WILL BE FOOD!


That was a little dramatic example….let me try this.


How about when you have to give a presentation at work or meet someone for the first time and want to make a good impression. First, your heart starts beating rapidly, your pupils dilate, you start sweating and you have butterflies in your tummy. This is the sympathetic portion that is preparing the body and a protection mechanism. This SHOULD happen. This is NORMAL. After the encounter is over and the adrenalin surge is over and you feel tired. Why is that?


The tiredness is a result of your body now DOWNREGULATING back to an equilibrium state to balance out your hormones, circulatory system, respiratory rate and nervous system.


Now let’s get back to the first example. Imagine now you are continuously running from that bear? Are you going to run out of steam at some point?


Here is a realistic example, you are responsible for caring for the kids, working for 8+ hours, cleaning house, grocery shopping, and cooking dinner. Then a deadline comes up and your kiddo gets sick and you fall behind so you stay up late because you didn’t finish one or more of the listed above and then START all over again the next day?! This IS the equivalent of running from a 300-pound grizzly bear ALL THE TIME.


Now you are thinking how does this connect to my bowels??

Did you ever have a chance to “rest and digest?”

If we live in this heightened state of “fight”, then we decrease the signals to our “resting state,” the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part that helps us control our bowels and ability to release.


Why am I telling you this?


I help those who live in this heightened sympathetic state and allow you to down regulate your system. There are biomechanical positions that our body gets stuck in that are favoring the sympathetic state.

Breathe your self into alignment and help down regulate your system so you can POOP.

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