You’re Guessing if Your Not Testing

You’re Guessing if Your Not Testing -

You’re Guessing if Your Not Testing


How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know your starting point?

Testing is a valid and objective way to keep you accountable, give you knowledge and insight on what needs to change or gain momentum.

There are several ways to test these days, including a scale or body measurements, but there is a much more detailed ways to test and ensure adequate health, such as BIA (bioimediance analysis) and lab testing.

Body Composition testing usually directs people into thinking about body fat percentages and muscle mass content, but today’s BIA (bioimediance analysis) can do so much more than that.

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure

Our body is comprised of mostly water. Overall your body weight can be 45-65%. With the BIA, we can determine your cellular health and the water breakdown on the inside and outside of your cell.


There is a correlation overall health at a cellular level that may affect the health of your body and how it functions. Find out where you need to start.

Know your numbers, have a baseline and reassess for your motivation.


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