Is BACK STIFFNESS causing your KNEE PAIN?? -

We are conditioned to treat SPECIFIC problems in a SPECIFIC way. We focus on the knee when the knee hurts or the back when the back hurts. BUT what if I told you they work together?

You would call me crazy right?

Well maybe, but most of my clients FEEL that it is all connected and are looking for a more whole-body approach.

You are unique

Holistic Mindset

The body is a complex work of art, it has several biological systems that help us breathe, see, feel, digest the food we eat. The body has over 600 muscles and over 150 joints. In fact, your muscles make up more than 1/2 of your body weight.

The body was also designed to move freely with breath both dynamically and statically. It seems natural right? Well it is, the problem then becomes the “stuck” position we live in begins to intensify our painful areas and increase the demand on other joints.

The Connection

By changing our mindset to a “MULTIPLE pain syndrome and a movement dysfunction” outlook on the body, we now can address the body as one unit. We now are able to address the movement dysfunctions, painful areas, environmental stressors, and repetitive habits TOGETHER and make a specific plan that is unique to your body.

First, identifying that there IS a connection to our lifestyle, habits of how we hold our body and our overall stress will already start the process of healing. When we (as fast-paced working individuals) get stuck in a position or a state of “holding our breath” (inhalation), we then lose the ability to use our core and spine like it was designed.

Therefore, transferring those forces to another joint….often the hip or the knee. This increase in demand becomes too great for the joint, which is when it signals a pain response (that is often overlooked or dismissed). Over time, the forces become too great and damage can occur.

Tip of the day: BE INTENTIONAL

I encourage all of us to take some time to take a look at ourselves first and analyze your own posture. Are there any repetitive habits that we do day-in an day-out? How many years have we been reinforcing this undesirable posture?

Next Step

If you are having questions or concerns about your posture or you are struggling from multiple painful chronic conditions and want to learn more about how it is all connected. I would love to hear your story and what is limiting your lifestyle.

Take the time for a call, your body will thank you!

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