Are You Over Exercising?

Are You Over Exercising? -

Are You Over Exercising?

Most bodies find a thriving balance of low to moderate exercise around 20-30 minutes a day 5-7 days a week.

I remember vividly the day I realized I was over-exercising. My body was inflammed, I was losing my hair, my skin was broken out, and my body felt worse after exercise. In fact, I was recovering from my first baby and was in the midst of losing another 2 babies. My body was in so much stress that there was no way I was ready to have another child.

This was a turning point for me to make a change and to dive deeper into my health and figure out what I would actually need to find balance.

At first, I was confused…how is over exercising even a thing? Are you supposed to exercise MORE to lose weight?

This is what they want you to think.

It wasn’t until I started to eliminate some of my stressors and test my DNA that I realized that I in-fact was over-exercising.

My DNA showed I only needed to exercise 14 MET (metabolic equivalent) and I was doing 3 times that amount. Not only did I have too much inflammation, but I was never recharging my body before the next workout.

What is a MET?

A MET is a way to determine your specific amount of exercise you need to complete in a week.


Met Value  x  Duration (in hours)  = METs

To calculate your weekly MET HOURS score, add the MET HOURS score of each workout for that week. For example, If you played singles tennis for 1 hour and 40 minutes, ran for 30 minutes at a pace of 8 km/ hour (8 x .5 = 4) and played 2 hours of golf (4.5 x 2 = 9), then your weekly MET HOURS score will be 26 (13 + 4 + 9). See how this compares to the MET HOURS recommendations in your report.

**In the DNA report you will get a full list of Light, Moderate and High intensity exercises that are given a MET value.


The industry wants you sick

The industry thrives off of sick people and making people sick, but what if you could change your perspective of health? Imagine having all of the tools needed to find balance without over stressing your body? You would feel refreshed, recharged and exercise could be anything you want. Remember, all exercise is not created equally.

Instead of driving your body into the ground, trying desperately to lose those extra inches, why not fine the EXACT amount you need to workout. Workout for your DNA.

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