Discover How To Eliminate Those Pregnancy Pains So That You Can Feel Strong During Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and Beyond!

Discovery the root cause of your pain, discomfort and weakness and learn exactly how to restore function, so you can continue to grow your family.

The Science of Postural Restoration

Utilizing a multi-system approach to healing, gives you the power to restore balance within your body WITHOUT adding more to your “to-do list.”

Utilizing a multi-system approach to healing, gives you the power to restore balance within your body WITHOUT adding more to your “to-do list.”

Get Your Body Balancing Program

Get Out Of The Diet World And Begin To Eat For Your Genetics.

Discover the root of those “unconnected symptoms,” and a clear path on how to restore function with your GI system. Identifying the ROOT of your issues through testing will allow you to improve symptoms, health, hormones, and digestive problems for good.

We focus on root cause medicine, an all encompassing way of healing.


We solve and prevent health and movement problems by rediscovering your body’s natural ability to heal and move.


By unlocking these patterns within your body you can move more freely and naturally. We can empower you with the right information for a healthy lifestyle and support you on your healing from the inside out.

Listen to the story of Taylor, who struggled with unresolved Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction before starting with Dr. Deanna Elliott! Click the link below!

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Pregnancy & the Body

Position yourself for success BEFORE pregnancy. Dismantle all of the myths about pregnancy with a few simple lifestyle habits. Restore, re-vitalize and re-train your body to feel strong, balanced and optimize labor and delivery.


Your Metabolism

Dig into the root of chronic health problems including gut dysfunction, IBS, SIBO, skin problems, unexplained fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and stress. Learn how to find balance naturally and feel in control of your health.



Stress is an over-active nervous system. An overactive system means physical stress, mental stress and nutritional stress.

In order to create a safe place for your body to heal, your brain needs to feel safe. In order to feel safe, we must be able to…

  • Shift over to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest)
  • Eliminate soft tissue restrictions (created by years of compensation)
  • Improve airflow within our natural chambers of our body
  • Reduce inflammatory choices with our food

These four things are the foundation of what the Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness LLC views as health. Root cause medicine is the future and our focus is to create an individualized program for each client so they can truly begin to heal.

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We focus on stress management and mindful movements

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