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We focus on stress management and mindful movements

We are an Integrative Physical Therapy Center that helps people exceed their potential. As humans, we have underlying movement patterns that create excess tension, aches, and pains. We help you identify these patterns and unlock your body so you can move more freely. Moving is not complicated, we just need to become aware. Learn how to LISTEN to your body, make CHANGES and OVERCOME the daily challenges.


Pregnancy & the Body

Discover the underlying movement patterns that create excess tension, aches and pains. Learn how to create an environment within your body that allows you to start optimizing your body’s ability to heal naturally.


Gut Health

Re-balance, restore and heal your gut health for good using the true principles of optimal healing. Learn how to reduce your toxic exposure and make long-lasting lifestyle changes that heal you from the inside out.



Stress is an over-active nervous system. An overactive system means physical stress, mental stress and nutritional stress.

In order to create a safe place for your body to heal, your brain needs to feel safe. In order to feel safe, we must be able to…

  • Shift over to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest)
  • Eliminate soft tissue restrictions (created by years of compensation)
  • Improve airflow within our natural chambers of our body
  • Reduce inflammatory choices with our food

These four things are the foundation of what the Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness LLC views as health. Root cause medicine is the future and our focus is to create an individualized program for each client so they can truly begin to heal.

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We focus on stress management and mindful movements

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